on these pages you can hear examples of some of the music I have produced over the last

20+ years or so , mostly solo stuff ..but also stuff that's been done with other people...




stuff i've done with other peopleall the musical intruments i have used


 solo stuff                                                                                  

androoow 2006









1999     press to play anthem one mp3   anthem one     01:53

                Whilst at work I was asked to do some music for a video promo project some people were working on , with an "A-team"                 feel...which is something I didn't want to do , but I thought I could give it a military feel by using military snares and a                 whistle sound. After hearing the music I was invited by our MD to modify it into a longer version to be used as our "on hold"                 music which lead to the next track......                  



1999     press to play  anthem  mp3     anthem      04:40

                Knowing it would be heard via a telephone I didn't worry too much how wide sounding this would be although there is some                 stereo separation going on ..Usual suspects are used , sounding similar to "prelude" ..DR-660 and SH-101 providing rhythm                 and sequencer parts and ESI-32 providing most other sounds. RD-250s piano is there with JX-3P and SY-35 adding some                 extra strings.



1999     press to play  anthem complete  mp3     anthem complete      18:13

                So after being played on a constant loop on the hold lines , many people disliked it...and many people liked it and asked if                 they could get hold of a copy, and this lead to a CD single!!. Idea was to make it available to buy and all proceeds would go                 to the children with leukemia charity we I created another 3 versions of the tune and the CD was made. The 4                 tracks that blend into each other are :-

                1- anthem,  2- anthem ~ quiet version,  3- anthem ~ indian dream version, 4- anthem ~ innocence version


                Indian dream version probably to this date has been the hardest track I've done to create..anyway I like the way the overall                 project turned out , except for the artwork someone created for the CD  which didn't even mention the tracks titles!!!!!



1998     press to play  intro  mp3   intro     03:42

                 Used when we started a Days Of Grace gig , this played before we stared playing  "  Judgement Day ", and is a variation of                  the chord structure from that song. This replaced me playing the " Terminator "theme for a while. Its got an arabic tone to it                  from the indian percussion samples from the ESI-32 and the main strings  melody. Its almost all ESI-32 apart from the                  DR-660 providing drums half way in and JX-3P bass drone.



1997     press to play mp3   prelude - orchestral version     04:56

              Simply as the name suggests a version of the prelude theme , but recorded using samples of orchestral instruments from                  the ESI-32 and the RD-250s piano.



1997     press to play mp3   prelude     04:05

                 Using the fostex DMT-8VL digital 8 track for the first time, this track was recorded using it especially for my brothers                  wedding. The ESI-32 sampler also makes it's first appearance where it provides almost all the sounds except for SH-101                  sequence and DR-660 drums).



1995     press to play love theme mp3   love theme     05:35

                 Is actually the last piece I recorded using the 160 analog 4 track. It has quite a warm sound I think due to this and the use                  of the JX-3P's strings..only thing is I dislike the "wobbly"SH-101 lead sound in half way through , but unable to remove as it                  became part of another track having bounced down to  allow for more sounds ( only 4 track ).






1988     press to play mp3   thru the clouds     04:30

                 Using the TR-707 drums and SH-101 sequence as the main rhythm , with strings being created with the JX-3P and bell                  sequence and bass by DX-100.There is also a choir sound from the S612.



1987     press to play mp3   I dreamt of russia     05:18

                 D-110 provides drums with a sequence of DX-100 bells and S612 vocal sample.JX-3P creates all pads and drones with lead                  provided unusually by the CZ-101 (soon after to be lent to Jose Lucas and never be seen again!!!!) Something about this                  piece reminded me of russian cossack dances so I named it accordingly.


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